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Asterisk Nemo……not such a big fish here
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Well, we didn’t get so much snow. Lots of wind this morning. Was hoping for more of an accumulation. Oh well Nemo, you aren’t such a big fish here after all.

You can still see patches of grass from the wind blowing the light snow.

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Asterisk Kitchen Table Still Covered!
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OK, in my previous post I told you I had a huge pile of laundry……some was claimed and this is what is left. Really???

Dave said the cat had a new home……he meant the kitchen table!

Even Pappy claimed a spot!

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Asterisk Laundry, the never ending pit!
06/02/2013 kaj7 in home / No comments

OK you working girls and guys. What do you do to keep on top of laundry??? I have a few days here before starting on a new path and let me tell you, I haven’t hit bottom yet! 4 loads yesterday, 3 today and the thing is “It’s not mine”……all these clothes and they don’t belong to anyone!!!  Don’t get me started then on the folding and putting away. I don’t dare take a photo of my kitchen table right now. Or maybe I should and some poor sole may take pity on me and come help. Alas……it is me and my mountain. So, what do you do to stay on top of this? Post and let me know!

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Asterisk Great day!
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Yeah! I am home today. I am going in a different direction for my “9-5” job and so excited to go back to doing something I love…..more later on that.

I took Joanne Sharpe’s Letter Love 101 class and loved it. She now has Letter Love 201 that began February 1st and will run for 28 days. I finally was able to log on and view the first two videos. Once again, there will be no more disappointment.

Check her out if you aren’t familiar with her whimsical lettering style!

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15/11/2012 kaj7 in Uncategorized / No comments

Fun new technique video from Close To My Heart – Creative Kissing…MmmWaah!!!

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Asterisk Paper Play
27/10/2012 kaj7 in Uncategorized / No comments

I am going to start having some Paper Play days at my home. It will be a day for just doing crafts. Feel free to bring whatever you would like, it doesn’t have to be strictly scrapbooking or stamping. I will post a calendar soon with dates. In the mean time feel free to grab my Paper Play Graphic if you plan on coming and playing with paper (or cloth, or whatever!)

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Asterisk Do you believe this???
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To all family and friends that know Dave, remember my previous post about him rescuing a kitten from outside that was almost feral? OK, he wanted to find a home for “Fred” as he calls it. First softening up mistake, giving it a name. I go upstairs to see what our plans are for Sandy, the latest storm heading our way and what do I see? Take a gander…….

OK, chip back are not his! Pappy is demoted to a blanket???

Fred sitting on Dave’s lap…….never in a million years would I have thought I would have seen this.

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Asterisk Alcohol Marker Giveaway
20/10/2012 kaj7 in Uncategorized / No comments

I am giving away two marker sets this month in a random drawing on October 31st! That is a total of four alcohol markers! Just watch the video and post on my blog or facebook page how you will use them in your art project!


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Asterisk Two Tone Stamping
28/09/2012 kaj7 in Uncategorized / No comments

How to get some cool two tone effects!

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Asterisk What a compliment!
26/09/2012 kaj7 in Uncategorized / No comments

OK, we had Nico with us this past Sunday to Celebrate Abby’s 17th Birthday. We just finished up at Teppanyaki for lunch. I had to pick up a few things for a meeting next day at work. We pulled into Weis and I asked Nico to come inside with me because the girls wanted to talk. So I am leading him into the store and he is huffing and saying “This is so embarrassing!” I am like “What?” Then Nico says again “This is so embarrassing, everyone is going to think you are my mom and your like 52.” I was like dying! He is only six and thinks like that? Who’s his parents????

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